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Spin Advertising & Design

"Spin" is the "Agency" that is behind the marketing and sales for the Benchmark Homes Tour. Alex Mann is one of the founders and owners of Spin and his role is of "Agency Director". Alex is an unusual businessman with a vision of proving that you can have a successful modern business that's not based on the typical model of a "Boss" and "Staff". Alex has coined his company as a "business 2.0" operation, having staff share in profits, work from home if they want, wear whatever, including himself as a really keen road cyclist, opting to cycle to all his meetings and his office in town. Spin also has a suite of sophisticated communications tools that allow the organisation to have staff operating from anywhere with no barriers to growth, this has downstream advantages for their clients with fast delivery and the knowledge that many different minds are working on their opportunities/problems

You can email him at "the Spin Doctor"  or call 03-379-SPIN (379-7746)if you are interested in finding out more about his unique marketing company.

"Spin" is one of the first agencies to offer Research based creative design and have a number of products to help small businesses give clarity and confidence to their marketing and promotion. They have numerous clients so check them out at

The Sponsors

The Benchmark Homes Tour has several key sponsors that add to the professionalism of the series.  Armstrong Subaru play a key role by supplying its new range of Subaru motor vehicles to the race commissaires at each round, in addition to co-sponsoring last year’s leading ‘equipe’ Benchmark Homes Cycling Team.


Tineliis the supplier of both the classification leader jerseys and Officials’ apparel.  The classification leader jerseys are awarded at each round to the Series Leader, Under 23 Leader, Masters Leader, and Women’s Leader.


Spin Advertising & Design is responsible for the promotion of the series, including the series branding and design of the advertising material that is printed by Clarity Press.


The remaining sponsors are made up of those that sponsor a round of the Benchmark Homes Tour, namely Benchmark Homes, The Cyclery Timaru, Parry Field Lawyers, Ocean Ridge Kaikoura, NZCT/Woollastons, Revolution Properties, Lowe & Associates Accountants, and Noret.     


The Papanui Cycling Club conducted 2008 Benchmark Homes Tour concludes October 18 in Oxford when another deserving series winner will have their name added to the roll of illustrious winners to date


Having a genuine background and track record in marketing communications, events and the media is unique… why work with ‘three’ or more companies when working with enthuse means you only have to work with one company for all your marketing communications, pr, event and media requirements! original, enthusiastic and dynamic – with an understanding of business.

Focused on adding an enthusiastic creative spark to events and conferences with professional mc, acting and entertainment options - voted best entertainment company 2007 in the Corporate Events Guide Peoples Choice Awards 2007! Anything from Austin to Elvis...we offer creative, enthusiastic themed entertainment options that have wowed corporate audiences all over New Zealand... enthuse works with actors that also sing and become the entertainment... your waiter, a delegate or cleaner could suddenly become part of the band or the MC! No need to employ actors, and MC and a band – enthuse offers all options in one package, themed to your needs!

services include:

-sports pr and marketing – we love it and do sport well!   
-marketing communications - varied business background with an award winning track record!
-  sales training - motivational sales training with fantastic results!
-  brand development and pr.
- team building - outrageous conference fun to targeted strategic initiatives.  
-creative event development and management - focused on adding a creative spark to your next conference or event!
-  professional mc and acting and entertainment - book one of NZ's leading MC's and entertainment company’s!

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