Godfrey ...WORLD CHAMP

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New Zealand cycling has a new world champion, with Hayden Godfrey winning the relatively unknown omnium event in Manchester overnight.
Godfrey is describing the win as the highlight of his international cycling career that started two decades ago.
"I've been trying for quite a few years for a breakthrough victory like this," Godfrey said. "So to get it now is just fantastic."
Back home in Christchurch, the Godfrey family have seen his gold medal winning performance.
"Hayden doesn't show much emotion," his mother Jeannie Godfrey revealed. "But I asked him this morning about being on the podium and hearing the national anthem and he said it was amazing. We are so proud of him."
"He's a world champion now and for the rest of his life," father Barrie Godfrey said. "You can't take that away and it looks good on the CV for sure."
The omnium features five events, both sprinting and endurance and was introduced internationally two years ago.
In Manchester, Godfrey finished on 19 points, eight ahead of his nearest rival.
Last year Godfrey's future was in doubt because of a career-threatening leg injury, but now he has not given up hope of getting to Beijing as part of the team pursuit.
While the selectors deliberate, the 29-year-old can reflect on his best moment in sport - he was the only kiwi to win a medal, of any colour.

Subway Cycling Team

Continuing from the sponsorship by individual SUBWAY® Franchisees of cycling teams in previous tours of Wellington and last year's Tour of Southland, the SUBWAY® Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust has given a two year commitment for SUBWAY® Restaurants to be the principle sponsor of the SUBWAY® Cycling Team. 

The SUBWAY® Cycling Team objectives are to create;

  a team that will set the standard for support of riders, professionalism and achievement in New Zealand cycling;

  a team that will capture the imagination of cycling enthusiasts, the New Zealand media, SUBWAY® franchisees, and partners;

  a team that offers value to the sponsors so that the sponsors can grow with the sport;

  a team that the sponsors can affectively market to promote their own franchises, products or brand due to the calibre of cyclists they sponsor;

  a team that every young New Zealand cyclist will want to be part of.

  Jorge Sandoval, Tour Director of the Trust House Tour of Wellington has already described the SUBWAY® Cycling Team as, "...the best organised team that I have seen in my 19 years organising cycling events in this country". 


SUBWAY® Cycling Team..."A team that will set the standard for support of riders, professionalism and achievement in New Zealand cycling". 

This is one of several objectives for the SUBWAY® Cycling Team that was officially formed in December 2005.  The team is the creation of cycling enthusiast and SUBWAY® Upper Hutt franchisee Bruce Christie, and 'Off The Front Promotions Limited' that is a Christchurch-based cycling promotion company managed by active racing cyclists Hayden Godfrey, Fraser MacMaster and Greg Hume.

Team and Media Contacts

Subway Cycling Team is Managed by Off The Front Promotions OTFP Ltd

Hayden Godfrey (OTFP Ltd)
Phone: 021 464482

Greg Hume (OTFP Ltd and Team Manager)
Phone: 021 599921