As i was riding today i recorded my first vblog

Face Book 08/09/2008

Well we finally got a nice day in the weekend... :) fi you are addicted to face book then you may find a benchmark tour group to be part of...great place that we can all stay in touch and maybe even start some discussion on what's working and what's not...if you want click over to my site and check it out for your self...happy riding this week...


Our first attempt to produce an insight into the darker side of an unbalanced cyclist..


Well due to a demanding 5 month old, being virtually-jet-lagged with the Tour de france live broadcasts, a busy and hectic business and the friggen shitty weather of the last 3 weeks I found myself unprepared for yet another benchmark....:( But on all accounts the numbers were great, the racing was fast and furious (maybe due to the motivation from the tour de france). I hope to ahve the results and some more images up on line ASAP...