Hi All,

Using twitter has become more main stream in the last two to three months, I've noticed that many more are following my own twitter feed ... So as business people how should we use the forum to promote without annoying others and getting the most out of the time invested in are some things I've learn't

1. Only follow people or organisations that you are interested in hearing from, I blocked a person I was following, not on the grounds of content, but the volume of tweets had increased and it was difficult to read the tweets I was interested in occasionally missing other tweets from others that I was really interested in...

2. Dont advertise, I find it frustrating enough that my television viewing is interupted by ads so I don't need yours, this does not mean you don't share 'deals' with your followers occasionally, but don't be so crude about it. Remember that people volutarilly follow you so you don't need to be insecure and hammer what you do 5 times a day!

3. Tweet about your life occasionally, as humans we are interested in each other why did we follow whom we follow in the first place???

4. Share Share Share, the tweeterers I enjoy following are the ones that share their's & others' blogs, interesting info on websites and resources even offline.

5. Reply and send direct messages from time to time, its shows you are watching, listening and are personally interested in whom you have chosen to follow... thnk about it, what person do we all love to be around...thats right generally the sort of person that is interested in us