How do you get stuff done that you hate doing?

Well there are only two ways?

1.       Give it someone else, this is called delegation and it’s rather effective. There are a couple of things that you must take into account and those are firstly the time that you have to spend organising for the task to be done and the second thing whom will you get to do it?

2.       Reframe the task/job, this is the somewhat more difficult thing to undertake but in my experience with a little discipline and practice can really have you feeling peaceful about things you have to do. How?

a.   Ask these questions in relation to the task you don't want to do

                 i.      Why should I do this?

What result would I get if I did this job?

               iii.      Who would benefit if I did this job?

                iv.      How would I feel if I did this task?

b.      Vocalise or write down the task as if you have done it along with the example

“I followed up on my new prospect and have secured a profitable new client”

“I did interval training this morning in order to beat my cycling mates”

This process starts to help us understand why we should do the things we have to leaving us feeling more powerful when doing those tasks