Stage One – 48km Street Race.

Great start to the tour and a bit of a confidence booster with Sam and Brendan making the winning Break.

The circuit was a little hard as the third straight was up hill with a head wind. The crowd lined the streets yelling and cheering, great atmosphere.  

It was a fast race with plenty of attacking, we stayed in contention for the most part, Sam attached with two others with around 15km to go. Brendan went across with seven others and joined Sam after a few laps.

In the final lap Brendan attacked up in the last km on the uphill, with 20m on the group it looked good for the win or Sam was going to take it out but it wasn’t to be, Brendan ran completely out of legs in the last 100m!!! (again). Sam got boxed in so missed his opportunity.

We finished 8th and 9th with our Team in 3rd place on GC.

Big day tomorrow – 125km Ghom to Tehran with one cat 2 climb – Check out web site link for details. (

It’s been great trip so far, this place is vastly different than NZ as you can imagine. They do look after you very well!!

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