Long day at office…

Race got underway with full on attacking until a good group formed with Sam in it. He was with the yellow so we had big hopes for the move.

The move was closed down then three riders on the counter attack got 4 min on the field.

Three Iranian teams controlled the race bring them back, it was very difficult to attack with a tough head wind.

With 25km to got it was all on, we attacked hard to get something away but it kept coming back,

With around 15km to go I got in a move with the yellow jersey and 7 others. We stayed away but only 26 sec ahead.

Gordy / G – I’ve forgotten how to win a race you would think with the second chance for a stage!! I may need some lessons! I was toast truth be said.

Dan had more bad luck with a puncture in the final 3km and Sam spent himself in a big move that got pulled back. Leon had a better day today also.

Results Stage 2: Brendan 19th / Dan 20th / Sam 22nd. Results Stage 3: Brendan 9th in stage /Sam & Dan bunch. GC: Brendan 3rd 32sec off lead / Sam and Dan are only 1m down. Team GC: 4th

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