Yeah we all know this as true, but just how many of us actually live this way? we catch ourselves saying “its only for a  wee while” “When I do this...” “Once we ...”

... let’s face it they are excuses and they all live in tomorrow and not for today, the lesson myself and Joey  learnt with Alan passing, was "in a moment your life can cease to exist  and there may be no tomorrow!"

If there was anything I admired about Alan and Marian was the way they LIVED their lives, they’ve raised the family they wanted, served the community they way they felt they should, worked in the jobs they felt they were created for and always had time for hobbies and past times.

So when Alan passed as much was there was sadness there was huge celebration and recognition of his life.
7 children all with tertiary degrees, 9 grandchildren (all perfect of course) 2 degrees in maths and chemistry a PHD in Theology, a loving marriage, Pastored 4 communities and ran 10 Keplers (70k mountain runs)

The benefit was a peaceful existence content with life ... can you honestly say that about your life... I hope you can, if not what can you do differently...

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