Another key to lasting results with your health and fitness is immersing yourself in the chosen activity. For myself, I read every book and magazine article I could about cycling. I went to the bike shops and tortured the staff by asking all the dumb questions I could muster.

Why, well think of the thing you most hate or feel is the most boring thing (for me its Bridge the card game). Then ask yourself how much you know about it?... for me the answer was NOTHING.

The way to become more interested is to learn more about something. You must remember a time when you meet an expert in some field that you knew nothing about and then as they shared with you I bet you found yourself becoming more

In order to increase the chances that this lifestyle of fitness is enduring, you’ll need to become an expert. It psychological and it makes a huge difference to how you view what you do and that in turn changes how you will act.

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