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Ok so now you’ve started this exercising thing, you may have lost some weight but how the hell do I make sure I keep it up every day.... Two (2) things have helped me and many others...

Plan it

The biggest mistake I see many people do that want to establish any habit is this; “tacking it on at the end of your day after all you have to do and handle” ....FAIL; yes a big way to fail.

Let’s take today for an example, I have a meeting at 11am in Sumner about a 30 minute cycle ride away, already in my calendar is the time to shower, ride and quickly whip on my jeans before the meeting (click the screen shot to make bigger). After the two meetings I plan to ride back home the long way (my lunch break) and so instead of 30 minutes in the car I’ll get 90 minutes of riding!

Mix it up

Not everyday is the same boring routine, with immense satisfaction out of planning what each workout will contain, this has you look forward to(some)  workouts.

Another benefit of slightly more complex workouts is while doing them you’re too busy thinking about what you have to do next that before you know it you’re finished!

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