My anecdotal evidence based on my association with top cyclists and business people revealed that successful people don't have to work hard at working hard, let me explain... until I was 33 years old I struggled with implementing exercise in my life it was sporadic & fleeting, have you experienced that???.

When I analysed the activities of past and then subsequently quit (Karate, Golf, Body building and running) there were two defining faults; [1] I was not good at them and [2] they never got easily implemented into my day to day life. I certainly had a passion for the activities but that did not deliver lasting results.

So how do you find that activity that’ll leave you fit and lean...

1.       Do things that fit your natural abilities. Are you tall, muscular (or could beJ) coordinated, and or exhibit a natural competitive attitude. I was too solid to be running and it left me fatigued and regularly left me more knackered than invigorated. My experience with cycling is that I return feeling better than when I left and that how it should be for you. My coordination is adequate but not natural enough to really get good at karate and team sports, but you don’t need super coordination to cycle well. I’m also a left brain person and so the technical aspect of cycling is also interesting and easy for me to understand.

2.       Do things that fit your life. Be realistic, if you’re the CE of a public company, have 6 kids & civic duties, or if you have irregular shift hours and work weekends then team sport maybe hard to commit to. After I graduated from University and started work, I made the decision to commute to work. This fulfilled my need to exercise and get to work (Cheaply).
Think about the activities you could fit into the regular flow of your day, as an example do you work near a gym? Then maybe a lunch time visit is easy to fit in. Do you live near great running tracks which eliminates the need to finish work - drive home - get changed- drive to the park/hills - then do your work out – then drive back home... It’s the hassle of the activity that causes us to be inconsistent not the activity itself, try and eliminate it.  Good planning can be all that is needed so that if you do go to the gym you do it first thing in the morning, shower at the gym then go straight to work.

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