We only have the power of choice

“While we all have the power to create whatever we desire in life, it all depends upon our own choices that which we do solely create.”

This resent twitter sent by one my friends, is a commonly held truth to attain success both in cycling and life. As much as I would like this statement to be true I do feel that there is more hope than actual truth to the statement.

The first sentence assumes that we have all been given the same physical and mental talents.  Tell that to the Aids inflicted toddler living in Africa with no parents, no organised education system and no real stable economy. It is quoted by some fortunate and talented people “If I can you then you can too” in an attempt to justify their success. I’ve always felt that this is fuelled by the inability to accept Gods talents and blessings.

The truth in the statement that I totally agree with, and has psychological but also biblical backing is that we have freedom of choice.

So then how do we make the right choices....?

1.       As Tony Robins says it’s not the answers we should focus on but the questions we ask. Ask yourself lots of questions What and How are great to start with

2.       Have an end result, this has you focus on questions that may fuel the activity to get what you want, so you want to win the 7 stage cycling tour, you’ll be asking which stages do I need to place high in? Which is different to the questions a KOM winner will asking (in my case is this the hill with points??)

3.       Reduce asking Why, this can often lead to introspective and negative thinking which ultimately leads to either poor decisions or no decision and no action

4.       Ask more than one or two people, as a market researcher I face this most days and fight the assumptions of my business clients and their world view opposed to the view their customers may have.

5.       Once you have an answer make your choice and back yourself.

*My one disclaimer is that yes, the choices we make do indeed determine the heights that we climb, but it does not guarantee the level you may be aiming. Remember you’re making choices at the same time others are making decisions which is something you have no control over... 

12/16/2010 12:35:49 am

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