This is the first of several blogs drawing the lessons that I've learnt from road cycle racing for the last 12 years (Shit am I that old!)

The reason I love cycling is for the same reason that I love being in business, its all about strategy, tactics, psychology, anthropology & making money (yes we get paid money for winning in cycling)

Anyway here is the first principal..

Be Prepared

Very rarely have I seen a unfit and fat bugger come into a cycle race and win....hmmmm, nope never. They may have a great sprint on them but generally they just don't last the distance (I personally have much pleasure in making their race very painful by attacking out of corners, into side winds and up hills)

The fact is that if you want to win, either in business or on the road you have to have trained and PREPARED, there is no success for those that wake up one day and strike out in business and just become wealthy. In Malcolm Gladwells latest book he talks about the 10,000 hour rule read an exert here. Essentially he maintains that for anyone to become great they have to have practiced at their trade for approximately 10,000 hours.

So in order to become an specialist you may not need 10,000 hours, but you had better start to get some specific knowledge or experience.

5/23/2009 07:46:19 pm

Yes the fat man may have a better sprint, but never forget he my just be smarter then you. Never judge a book by the cover, if you open the book you may find better knowledge.


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