Being fresh back from burying my father in Law, whom died suddenly in a cycling accident we as close family and friends also hit head on the realities of life, there were many deep discussions had that I would like to share with you

I’ll delve into each deeper in later blog posts buts here’s the list (Don't’ be surprised if they are not new to you)

1.       No Regrets, be a complete person in everything!

2.       Why good things happen to bad people
           (yip I got it the right way)

3.       Does God really call the shots?

4.       Relativism, does it exist it for you?

5.       What not to say to grieving people

7/13/2009 07:13:01 am

Look forward to hearing from 'What not to say to grieving people' Hopefully you can manage a full post.


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