Wow what a great weekend (not), it rained for both days ...

The principal of Timing.

Whenever discussing this point with people it most often meets with some resistance, believing that I am preaching a sermon on “Luck”,  but first let me outline the concept.

Once again I refer to Malcolm Gladwells book “Outliers” in which he raises the point that Timing is a huge variable in the result of success. He maintains that we don't profit in a vacuum, and some stages of history suited differing talents and skills than at other times. A cycling example would be the resent rein of Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France,  not a great time to rock up to the Tour and try and win, he was intellectually, and physically talented with a determination that made even the best pro’s at the time look like weekend warriors.

But here’s a tip to having this principal work for you, ...

Don’t just wait for the right time, keep looking, stay in action and keep training as you don't know when that right time may pop up.

Tom Boonen was being interviewed after winning a stage in the 2007 Tour de France & was asked why he had not won for such a long time. He responded with “just hadn’t got into any breaks and today I did”, had he stopped racing, NO, he kept fronting up to races knowing that maybe this one was the one...

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