Don’t attack too early

My biggest fault in cycle racing is the temptation to get excited and attack too early, this only serves to wear me out, leave me exposed to other counter attacks I can’t cover and ultimately leaves me with no legs to sprint when it really matters.

Time after time you often see the race being won by the wirily vet that sits quietly in the bunch seeking shelter, cleverly looking like they’re working and then sprint past us all at the end. What lessons can we learn from these patient old sprinters?

1.       Prepare for the long term, don't work 12 hour days year after year thinking that success is around the corner, sure be a hard worker but how many millions of employees on fixed & low incomes work hard and long... heaps, so don't confuse success with hard work. Understand that hard work is just one of many components of success.

2.      Surround yourself with great people, employ them, socialise with them or be mentored by them. You don’t always need to be the most talented to win. This is heartening for those of us that don’t posses natural talents (like Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong) but in order to be delivered to the finish line you had better follow the talented closely.

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