Why good things happen to bad people

Yip that’s right I have it the right way round.... interesting how many people have a view of the way world should be that makes only sense one way, but could not possibly be the other way as well and this is one of those statements that I want to turn on its end....

Karma, I hear many people saying “nasty people they’ll reap their karma”, well if that’s true then why are there sooo many happy nasty people before we even explore other issue of just how nasty do we have to be to reap this thing called bad karma?

 What a load of illogical rubbish, might make us feel good when we have been ripped off or aggrieved but it makes no logical sense. Here is how...

The world has a set of rules  for everything that most legitimate scientists agree exist, rules like gravity, laws of physics or of natural selection and chemistry. We can manipulate some these laws, like the law of gravity with the science of flying, but we cannot change and / or eradicate these laws. Therefore these laws operate automatically and amorally, in other words they don't work for some people and then not others, they may have been intelligently created but they are not capable of intellect. If they did work for some and not others then we’d be living in an uncertain world (something that is sharp for me would be blunt for you ...yeah right!) or a bit like the claimed law of attraction another fancy story to validate our good luck.... (Wow bet that sentence gets some attention... another blog)

This answers the actual question of why Bad things happen to good people, the laws of the universe operate in a certain and constant manner no matter who you are, God created the Universe therefore we could blame him, but then we would have to recognise him and thank him for all the great things that happen to us as well... you can’t have it just one way!

Alan was one such person on this earth, devoting his life to the service of God and the communities he lived, raised a family of seven, sacrificing personal financial gain to secure their future a wonderfully giving person. But the laws of physics demand that if you intersect a moving mass then the inevitable will happen and tragically this happened, and as Christians we live in the peace that he is home with GodJ.

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